Arco Antica

The same creative freedom ensured by the Arco pavement is now doubled by a discreet element of authenticity: the antique look obtained through the special processing of the product’s edges. Arco Antica is ideal for rustic gardens and pathways or for the ones which remind you of medieval times. The Aqua Protect system allows you to enjoy a friendly environment for as long as possible. The product is sold in basic packages of 0,95 sqm. A package consists of 50 rectangles (7,5x10 cm), 50 trapezes (6,5x9x10 cm) and 20 squares (10x10 cm).


Can be used for:

  • Pedestrian walkways

  • Access alleys

  • Parks

  • Gardens

  • Courtyards


Thickness: 6cm

Size: 10x10cm

Thickness: 6cm

Size: 10x9x6,5cm

Thickness: 6cm

Size: 10x7,5cm