Experiment with shapes and models with the Arco pavement. A product composed of three types of sizes (square, trapezoid and rectangle), which allows you to create various models, from circles and semicircles to arches and curved alleys. Choose the right color and bring a nonconformist atmosphere to the space you are decorating. The product is sold in basic packages of 0,95 sqm. A package consists of 50 rectangles (7,5x10 cm), 50 trapezes (6,5x9x10 cm) and 20 squares (10x10 cm).


Can be used for:

  • Pedestrian walkways

  • Parks

  • Gardens

  • Courtyards


Thickness: 6cm

Size: 10x10cm

Thickness: 6cm

Size: 10x9x6,5cm

Thickness: 6cm

Size: 10x7,5cm