Arca Romana

We have inherited the passion for stable constructions from our Roman ancestors. Inspired by the roads of Ancient Rome, Arca Romana is a unique product, a package of five different shapes, which complement each other perfectly. With multiple colors to choose from and increased lifespan due to the Aqua Protect system, Arca Romana will turn every garden into a special place, in which you can feel at home. The product is sold in basic packages of 1 sqm. A package consists of 3 trapezes (12x13 cm), 8 trapezes (12x10.5 cm), 9 rectangles (12x16.5 cm), 18 rectangles (12x18 cm) and 27 squares (12x12 cm).



Can be used for:

  • Parking lots

  • Parks

  • Access roads

  • Sidewalks

  • Gardens


Thickness: 6cm

Size: 12x12cm

Thickness: 6cm

Size: 12x18cm

Thickness: 6cm

Size: 12x10,5cm

Thickness: 6cm

Size: 12x16,5cm

Thickness: 6cm

Size: 12x13cm