Dublu T

The special ”T” shape, visible on both ends, ensures the Behaton-style pavement with a dynamic look, and special durability, because it acts like a self-locking mechanism. The Behaton-style pavement is an ideal product for crowded areas, with heavy traffic and heavy-duty cars, such as parking lots or access roads. Its long-term durability turns it into a much better solution than classic asphalt, and the diversity of colors can help to delineate certain areas within the setup (e.g. parking lots, directional arrows, etc.).



Can be used for:

  • Pedestrian walkways

  • Parking lots

  • Access roads


Thickness: 10cm

Size: 20x16,5cm

Thickness: 12cm

Size: 20x16,5cm

Thickness: 6cm

Size: 20x16,5cm

Thickness: 8cm

Size: 20x16,5cm